Saturday, December 24, 2011

Warm Wishes for the Holidays

It is Christmas Eve and I do hope that everyone is settling in for Santa to come. At my house we are patiently waiting and we even have some christmas snow!

I was so happy to recieve all of the cards you sent and have displayed them all over the house

The dogs had a great time sniffing the cards and everyone here enjoyed seeing where all the cards were from and what they looked like. It has been pretty busy here but we hope to have some new features to the blog in the new year.

We were saddened to hear about the loss at The Pittie Pack and I send best wishes to them during this time. The pittie pack lost 5 members during an awful fire and blogville has been wonderful in helping them. It is truly amazing what people will do in a time of need and the spirit of giving will help them I'm sure.

On behalf of the crew and myself we wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh Sophie

We have always let Sophie get away with more things than Koda. Mostly because she is so much smaller and doesn't shed that she usually gets run of the house. Its funny though because she then takes the initiaive to break many more rules that are in place for both of them, like cruising the table top, barking, biting, and running away when off leash. Of course these are all rules that have never ever changed for her.

You all know that we finally were sick of her behaviour and decided to enroll her in Petsmart training classes which were great......when we were there. At home she thought that listening was only when she wanted to. This all changed when Iwent away for 5 weeks and for those of you who don't believe in Alpha dog this will convince you. I am top dog..always never changes but when I'm not around Sophie takes over. She ended up attacking my Mom when she would wake my sister up in the mornings. So things needed to change and fast!

I made the following new rules for her;

1. Sleep in crate at night

2. Stay in crate when everyone is gone from the house

3. Tied up when outside ALWAYS

4. Must sit before going outside, coming inside, playing, snuggling, eating...anything she wanted to do

To be honest she was slightly confused at first like why do I have to do this, but once she understood that she needed to give in order to get, she was on a roll. I still have to ask her to sit but sometimes she does it on her own. I know she hates being in her crate so much so I make sure that she has a bone, toy and some hidden treats in there during the day. Most of all we are ALL consistent on the rules so it is being reinforced all the time. Its working slowly but surely maybe by christmas Santa will be able to bring her gifts for being good.

We have also been working hard on all the season greeting cards we have for the card exchange. I am really enjoying seeing where all the bloggers are from and a few are just hours away from me. It is really and truely a great way to get to know other bloggers. I should be mailing them out next week! We recieved our very first card from Minnie and Mack and the entire family was excited to see where the card was from and who it was from. We can't wait to recieve all the others!