Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Long Weekend...one nice day

The forecast said mostly rainy this past weekend but lucky for us we had one nice hot sunny day! The dogs and I took advantage by heading to the lake for some swimming and sunning.

As soon as Koda got out of the car he headed right for the water, while Sophie found a nice sun spot on the dock until we put her in the water to cool her off.

Koda swam for sticks and then had a great time chewing them up!

Overall we had a great afternoon at the lake

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Sense of Humor

Koda is usually a laidback kind of guy but every once in awhile he gets more than a little goofy! I am always amazed to find his sense of humor, it just isn't a quality that you normally think about pets having. It sounds strange but if you laugh at him it just makes him act goofier as though laughter is the reaction he wanted all along.

In this picture I was trying to get one of us snuggling but he thought this might be better instead,

I'm not so sure what was so funny while I was taking this picture!

His best goofy pose,

He is quite the comedian once he gets going thats for sure

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Koda and the Tick

I know two posts in one is pretty unusual for this blog, but yesterday I pulled a tick off of Koda's eyebrow. I have never seen a tick before in my life so when I first noticed the bump it I looked it all over and that was when I saw the legs. I'm not a bug person and was thoroughly grossed out.

Luckily living in the country I knew to get some tweezers to pull it out, but before doing so I googled ticks on dogs to get some tips. Some one had posted a quick home cure which involved moving the tick in circles as they don't like it so they pull out. I tried this with no real luck and went back to the tweezer method but it seems that the circling helped as it came right out. I'm pretty sure that I got the head although I'm not an expert on tick removal.

My concern is that Koda still has a bump over his eye which is hard to touch. He has not shown any signs of lyme disease as he is acting like his normal self. Is the bump normal? Are their any treatments that you would reccomend for next time? I did put some polysporin on it to help it heal.

Knitting Updates

I am really starting to enjoy knitting now that I have completed my very first project, a blue dish cloth for my Mom on Mother's day,

I am now working on a patch blanket for Sophie to put inside her travel crate. I am mostly doing knit stitch which is the very first stitch you learn as I am not so good at anything else yet. I also really wanted to learn how to add colours so that is what I am practicing in this blanket.

My plan is to make simple things like dishcloths and small blankets until I have mastered the basics of knitting and then I will move on to completing patterns. Along with somehow learning to decode them!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


After seeing all the beautiful things that Lorenza's Mom makes for her I have decided to embark upon the journey of learning to knit and someday I hope to make beautiful doggy sweaters. Lets hope that day comes sooner rather then later.

I bought a beginner's knitting kit along with lots of yarn. I basically am watching the video again and again to figure out how exactly to get my stitches right. I am starting to make a dishcloth for my Mom for Mother's Day in a dark blue yarn. I also have another dishcloth started in a plum colour, and hope to next week start working on a blanket.

Yes I have lots of goals with this knitting, but first I have to master the basics. My brother hopes that I can complete an ugly christmas sweater for him by christmas time haha. He doubts my stubbornness!