Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh Life

Life has a certain way of giving you opportunities when you arn't even sure that it is the right time to take them. I found a school with with the program I think I want and it starts in January just like I want and it is only an hour away from either home, but something is still holding me back. I think not going to university anymore is holding me back, like I'm scared to try something new again.

The more I look and think about the Early Childhood Education program the more I think i would be good at it. I love little kids and recently all my jobs and volunteering have been with little kids, and I have enjoyed everyone. I should really just make a leap and dive in.

On a happier note Blair is coming home this weekend and going to live at my Grandma's house til I find a new place of my own again.

ps. I have some interesting animals posts for tomorrow

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