Monday, August 30, 2010


Recently I visted my Dad and spent some time with Indy my portugese water dog. Indy is of course a typical PWD he spent tons of time in the pool, swimming and went for plenty of walks since he is such a high energy dog. My Dad found it interesting when we walked Indy together how Indy clearly differentiated who was walking him. When I had the leash he pulled and wouldn't heel nicely but when Dad had the leash he was a perfect walking companion.

Anyways we managed to get a great picture of him that I wanted to share.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Animal Rescue

It is awfully sad that some people are able to abandon an animal without a care. Of course it isn't them who have to look after their pets anymore and see the disapointment in their eyes. Yesterday my younger brother and I were shopping at Petsmart when we stopped by the adoption cages to pet the cats and kittens. My little brother was shocked to hear how the kittens and cats had gotten to the adoption centre and why they were there. He couldn't believe that someone would just give up on their pets. Of course he wanted to take them home and play with them and take care of them but sadly I had to tell him that we already have our fill of pets.

People seem to have a pattern of not caring about their animals and letting them have babies, run wild and do not ever train them but then fully expect someone else to take care of the problems that occur of this. I'm sure that alot of this stuff occurs due to lack of knowledge of animals services surronding areas. Many people that I talk to about spaying or nuteuring their animals do not know anything about free spay or nuter clinics. Let alone cheaper vet care or information about what really happens to the animals that they abandon.

I think that more information about these kinds of services should be better distributed, and easily acessable. It would help those of us who end up looking after the abandoned animals help the animals.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh Life

Life has a certain way of giving you opportunities when you arn't even sure that it is the right time to take them. I found a school with with the program I think I want and it starts in January just like I want and it is only an hour away from either home, but something is still holding me back. I think not going to university anymore is holding me back, like I'm scared to try something new again.

The more I look and think about the Early Childhood Education program the more I think i would be good at it. I love little kids and recently all my jobs and volunteering have been with little kids, and I have enjoyed everyone. I should really just make a leap and dive in.

On a happier note Blair is coming home this weekend and going to live at my Grandma's house til I find a new place of my own again.

ps. I have some interesting animals posts for tomorrow