Monday, June 27, 2011

Hard Questions in Life

I think that pretty much every student I know who is on the verge of graduating to life is facing some of the same issues that I am.

- Do I want to stay in school longer?

- Do I want to go out into the real world?

- How do I afford to follow through with a choice?

- Where do I want to live?

- What are my friends planning on doing?

To be honest I always had this plan in highschool that I would go to university, then teacher's college and throughout school find the man of my dreams and get married. Clearly my plan became more than a little sidetracked and changed this past year.

My life currently stands at living at home, taking my college diploma online, and working part-time. I am more than a little confused about what to do after I graduate next summer.

I know I know, focus on the here and now, but I like to have goals to work towards. I have kind of narrowed it down to a couple different choices.

Schools: Apply to go full time or part time at a univeristy OR apply to an online university

Jobs: If I choose to go to school part time I will need a part-time job to help support myself which I will have my ECE diploma to help with this. I can work within a daycare, or within a school.

Places to Live: I really like Ottawa, Guelph and Kingston as potential places to live. Ottawa, and Guelph currently have lots of potential job offerings which would be helpful.

And I'm still looking for Mr. Right, I'm sure that we will catch up soon though.

I'm more than a little frazzled but I'm trying to stay focused on finishing my ECE Diploma by next summer, fingers crossed!

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