Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We got our first dusting of snow last week but it didn't stay long. It was a nice reminder of the wonderful snow to come. I just love snow at christmas time it makes everything seem less dull and cold. We also put up the christmas lights on the house, I will get a picture soon. My 13 year old brother climbed up on the roof to do it and was very proud until he realized that he forgot to check the last set of lights before putting them up and half of them didn't work. So back on the roof he went. The christmas spirit is starting, I am loving Micheal Buble's christmas album and have heard some good things about Justin Bieber/Usher's christmas album. It will soon be time to get out the house decorations but I think we will start with the snowmen to encourage more snow to come for us to play in!

I finished my first placement for school last week and will miss all the little ones. I was happy to come back to my job for sure since I missed all the kids there too. It was nice to have new songs and games to play with them. The semester will be all wrapped up within the next threee weeks and it will be nice to have some time before the next semester without any homework to do.

I am still working at Petsmart and loving it. I really enjoy meeting all the customers and their pets as well as helping them find products that work for them. Of course I am not above sending them elsewhere if we do not carry what they are looking for. My cashier skills are getting better too and hopefully they will continue to grow. I am looking forward to getting my dog training in the new year as well. Overall it seems like one of the best part-time jobs I have ever had.

Sorry the crew and I have not been around much to comment but we have been reading and keeping up with everyone's blogs. We also joined the Christmas Card exchange so you can send a card to Blair or to Jack, Sophie, Koda, Indy and myself or all of us together. We look forward to sending out our cards as well. A big thanks to everyone who helped put it together, it is a wonderful way for bloggers to connect.

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  1. Wow! Snow already! We don't get too much of that white stuff down here in the South.

    Truffle and Brulee