Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Baby

My very first fur baby of my own went missing this week, sadly I don't believe she will be coming home. It is hard as the emotions are hitting in spurts. Since she doesn't live with me and hasn't for awhile it seems as though she is still at Grandma's waiting for me to visit. Grandma has been more affected and misses all of her yapping at her.

Miss you Baby


  1. Gosh we are so sorry to hear this. You know our Allred was gone for a month but he finally came home. We hope you are as lucky as us.

    Bert and My Vickie

  2. Erika, this makes me cry. Blair is such a beautiful spirit and I can only hope she found a place to seek shelter. There is always hope that she will return and I know you have had very cold weather. Blair will be warmed by the love in your heart no matter what. I will keep thinking of her. Ann TBL

  3. I've read stories where animals go missing and have been missing for weeks and months, and then one day, they appear. I hope that's the case for Blair.