Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Summer Summary

Wow what a summer, I certainly did not expect to be soo busy.

Between school, work, dog training classes, camping, and life the summer has just flown by.

* I took a full course load of classes this semester and while classes were enjoyable it made for evenings filled with homework. It was hard work to keep up my grades with all that sun outside but I rounded out the semester with about an A average. Yay!

* My summer job this year was fulltime in a school age program run out of a school. I learned alot watching the other teachers espescially dealing with children who have behavioural issues. I also learned that I really enjoy dealing with younger children who do not test limits much much better. LOL.

* Sophie and I spend the beginning of the summer doing beginner obedience classes at petsmart. Suprisingly she was much better behaved while in the classes and she passed. Unsuprisingly she has proved to be unwilling to do her trick without a treat and only when she feels like it and her behaviour has home has pretty much been unchanged. Clearly we still have lots of work to do.

* Most of our weekends were spent away and Koda being the lucky fellow he is, was able to spend lots of time at our cousins cottage. He has met two new girlfriends, who just follow him everywhere! One is Arden a golden retriever whom my siblings say is a good match while the other is a husky named Souka. My cousins taught him to fetch a frisbee out of the water and says he spends hours chasing it again and again.

* The family spend the civic weekend at Canada's Wonderland and Bass Pro Shops. We all had a great time, it helps that everyone is able to ride the big rides this year although my younger brother didn't conquer the Behemoth he did take a wild ride on the bat and loved it. Bass Pro Shops was a huge hit as it is enormous. I couldn't believe it, the store has pretty much everything you could ever want and of course we came home with a little fishing boat.

* I didn't get up to see my Dad's family as much as I wanted to but my Uncle came all the way over from Germany to visit. I think it is one of his last trips since he is getting older now. It was quite interesting with his limited English and my German-English dictionary.

* Indy is his same old happy, slobbery self. Dad is slowly trying to work on his leash agression and his overconfident play which scares many potential playmates away. I'm hoping that he gets better but I know he needs lots of work. I actually had Sophie over to meet him and he was a little anxious but not agressive which was really good.

* The family and I also had the chance to attend the Havelock jambouree which was amazing. Headliners were Billy Currington, Johnny Reid, Chad Brownlee, Joe Nichols, Deric Ruttan and Martina Mcbride. They all put on wonderful shows and I had the chance to meeting Chad Brownlee.

* I also turned 21 on August 17th, which was pretty crazy to believe. I'm one of those people who forget my age and think I'm still younger than I am LOL. I recently worked out my 5 and 10 year goals all of which are mostly about getting through school, finding a job and moving out on my own, hopefully mr. right will come along somewhere in there too.

* Blair's blog has been going along pretty well and I do wonder sometimes whether I should shut it down for the time being. It's hard knowing that she will be living with Grandma for another 2 years but we have had some great adventures through her blog and recently hosted a contest of our own. One that I still need to go buy prizes for..OOPS.

I hope to be able to post regularly now that I have my school break and I have been excited to get back to knitting and getting books from the library. I have been missing blogville too!

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