Monday, September 27, 2010


The more I blog and follow different blogs I become more aware of the greatness of the blogging community. Many of those who I have discovered such as Laurie at, or Beth at, and all foster abandoned animals while still having time to post their adventures online. Other people own some crazy dogs or cats and help them create their own blogs such as Puddles with her family at But what I have really discovered is a group of people who really love their pets and enjoy reaching out to others who have the same interests. Even though some bloggers have never met they enjoy sending blog awards as well as pet supplies thorugh the mail. It really seems like a community in the animal blogging world. I"m glad to be a blogger and enjoy reading everyone's newest posts.

Thanks for making the blogging alot of fun!

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  1. We started blogging just to show our friends/family what we were up to, then we met a whole bunch of other pet bloggers which make an amazing community. We've learned so much about dogs in general, gotten some good laughs, and everyone is super supportive. We've also been lucky enough to meet some fellow Chicago bloggers in person. I never knew it could be so fun.