Friday, September 10, 2010

Picking the Right Pooch

All puppies are cute, but not all will grow up to fit properly into your family.

I should know I have had many different breeds in my life and had only one fit.

When looking to get a puppy you should defintely consider the space you have as well as how much energy you can deal with and who will be dealing with the puppy.

Space: If you only have a small amount of space, getting a big dog is not exactly realistic unless you can find ways to deal with the lack of space by taking your dog for long walks, runs, to dog parks, etc. A larger dog is alot harder to tire out than a small one. Finding a happy medium between space and size is always best.
Energy: How much energy a dog has is always a huge factor in how you plan on living with your dog. Some bigger dogs don't require much activity beyond a morning and evening walk and some small dogs just need some playtime to tire them out, while other dogs have walks and playtime and still have energy leftover. Make sure you can handle the amount of time and effort it takes to exercise your dog.
Puppy and Who: When getting a puppy consider who is going to be around the puppy, if it is small children make sure you don't get a small dog who is easily hurt by the children. As well with children make sure you don't get too bigg of a dog who will knock them over, of hurt them in its excitement.
My Experiences:
A Portugese Water Dog who has too much energy for my Dad's family, they walk him three times a day making his total walking time about 2 or 3 hours a day plus playtime in the house. He is way too energetic around small kids and doesn't like being left alone during the day. Looking back although we love him a better choice in dog breed could have been made.
A Yorkshire Terrier who is not happy being played with by kids. She finds being so small that they do not listen or pay attention to the signs she gives out and eventually bites and growls at them. She is easily tired out with a game of fetch or an adventure on her own outside. She is lovely but seems overwhelmed by kids and a better choice could have been made.
A Golden Retriver who is happy go lucky with everything, a part of the breed which works for my Mom's family. He loves kids and going camping with the family. He is versatile in every situation he is in. He tires out with a walk and some outside time on his own as well as some play time but isn't annoying if he doesn't get all his exercise. He was a good breed choice as when he was gotten, I lived with several farm animals as well as kids.
Overall I have enjoyed having many different breeds but if I ever get my own again space, energy and who will be huge considerations in my breed choice.

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