Friday, September 3, 2010

Breeders vs. Rescue

As you all know I recently joined the world of rescue and everything that goes along with it, I'm an avid supporter of Pitbulls, and recently a family member brought up breeding her new golden to mine (who happens to be recently nuteured now). This brought up a whole new series of questions about what I believe in....

When I originally recieved my Golden from a backyard breeder, I thought he was the greatest dog ever. Everyone complimented my family on how smart, well behaved, socialized, and beautiful he was and we considered getting a female to breed with him. Time passed and there was no opportunity for us to raise a female nor puppies so eventually we got him nutered.

I have always been into helping animals at the shelter but it never really clicked that backyard breeders and even registered breeders help to fill the shelters. I also always wanted to someday get a show dog and breed on my own. But now I'm not so sure.

I understand that by breeding show dogs you are helping to better the breed but what about all the puppies along the way, they might not all find homes and some might even end up in a shelter without you knowing. It seems to me that all dogs should be fixed and that breeding dogs should be very very minimal so that we can help to empty the shelters instead of filling them.

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