Friday, November 12, 2010

Koda and the Horses

When I first got Koda, I also had horses. So he had to learn the proper way to be around them, luckily for me the horses made great teachers.

Momma helped to teach him to go out riding, she stayed semi-calm while he ran around doing loops learning to stay close. He also learned car safety and to this day will jump into a ditch when walking if a car comes on the road.
Momma also taught him that he was only allowed to enter the horse field with her approval and if he acted out she would chase him out.

Spirit taught him that friendship transcends all species, she and Koda used to run all over the horse field together. She would even lay down to see him.

Having the horses also helped him to learn many basic commands as well as fun ones for him such as go get the horses and bring them back for supper. Chasing them was great fun for him.

Now that the horses are gone I can tell that he misses them especially whenever I move around the horse equipment as he gets all excited thinking we are going riding.

Have any of your pets had some unlikely teachers?

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