Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Adoption Stories Post

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Koda: Since I am the oldest, I was allowed to use the computer all by myself. I was born in 2004 to a hobby breeder who breeds Golden Retrievers especially for my nice red colour. The kids in my family were not told that they were getting a puppy and Dad put me in his lunch box to suprise them. Yep I used to be small enough to fit inside a lunch box. My Erika wasn't at home for the suprise but I knew who she was by everyone's description when we picked her up from camp. I ran right to her and knew she would be my best human friend ever in the entire world. I can't find my puppy pictures since they were before digital time. But I will look all over for them and make Erika do a special puppy post just for me. Instead here is one of me packing myself in Erika's car so she will not leave without me.

Sophie: I was a suprise too although this time everyone in the family knew that there was dog talk going on. A girlfriend for Koda, or a little pug or yorkie. Lucky for me they picked a yorkie and started looking. They found me on kijiji just like Erika's kitty Blair. Unlike Koda and Blair I had another family first; I was adopted from a backyard breeder and taken home to my first family which had two teenage boys. The mom named me Emma and thought her boys would like me, but teenage boys and a teacup yorkie don't really go together. The mom also didn't have much time to spend with me, so she put me up for sale. Lucky for me, my new family found me and brought me home. Here is a cute little puppy picture of me,

Jack: Meow I don't have much time for this online blogging thing although Erika tells me she puts me on it occasionally. I'm supposed to be Erika's kitty as she picked me out of all my litter mates at her family party. She named me Jack because she wants to name her first son Jack imagine a kid named after me hahahaha. I know boring adoption story right. Here is a photo of a littler me doing what I do best, sleeping after a good hunt.

Indy: Hi everyone I'm so excited to tell my adoption story. My family had a lovely wirefox terrier named Jake who had to be put down due to cancer. It was about 2 months later that my family realized then needed another dog. So the puppy breed searched started, they choose the portugese water dog since they are big, playful, swim and look like cute little black bears. My family came to visit my litter 3 days after we were born, they picked my brother who was black and white. They came back to visit one more time with Erika who missed out on the first visit. Thank goodness she came otherwise I wouldn't have my family, she said no to my brother and picked me out. Then she said my name was Henry Jones, aka Indiana aka Indy. Here is a picture of my litter,

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