Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Ball

It's funny how much animals are just like children. You can buy the coolest, most expensive present and they just want to play with the box it came in. For instance Koda is not interested in anything that squeaks, looks weird or tastes weird but a TENNIS BALL makes his day.

He throws it for himself, runs after it, pounces and then shakes it all over. He also walks around the house looking at everyone like "I have a ball, don't you wish you had a ball, it's the best ball ever, I bet you wish you could have this ball".

Sometimes he has to watch out for his little sister Sophie who would like to know what is sooo cool about the ball, it's not like it even squeaks or anything.

I think if you gave Mango's brother Dexter and Koda a ball you would have trouble knowing who loved their ball more!

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