Monday, April 18, 2011


Here in Canada we are about to have an election, sadly our elections are not as publicised as the American ones. I think that politicians might have to be a little more honest in their campaigns if there was more media focus.

As a young voter I find that many politicians do not reach out to people my age. There are many campaigns to get young voters to vote and to feel like they can make a difference. Yet the question is not whether we vote or not but do we have something to vote for.

Personally I want a leader who will help to create more jobs, support families, support education, and REVERSE ONTARIO'S PITBULL BAN. Of course finding a leader who believes in all of these things and follows through is close to impossible. I of course will not be voting liberal since it is their party which supports and created the BSL. Therefore I must pick between conservative and ndp. I wonder which will try to get my vote?

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