Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blogging Adventures

I started blogging when I began to foster dogs in April but I have ended up moving home for the next year so I will be unable to continue fostering. I am in the midst of looking for a rescue here at home or getting back into dog walking at my local humane society and of course having more time to spend with my family's dogs as well.

My cat Blair will probably be coming back home to live with my Grandma soon enough but currently she is still living with my roommates who arn't too keen on having her leave. She is still as crazy bad as ever but all this Ontario heat is really getting to her, she is much more content to sleep on the floor then get into trouble.

As for blogging I have really come to love it and like checking out everyone's dog and cat blogs. I think that this blog really captures what I wanted in a blog, the ability to blog about whatever is on my mind (usually about animals). It allows me to blog about my pets at home, the irrationality of BSL, animal training, and etc.

I hope that anyone who followed my other blogs will also follow this one and find as much enjoyment here.

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