Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh Hey 2011

It is shocking how fast the years go by, I can remember being suprised at the year 2000. Now it is 11 years later;last year was full of learning and new opportunities. I am very excited to see what this year will bring. I do have a few New Years Resolutions that I am sure I will be keeping.

1. Find a healthy inexpensive dog food that Koda and Sophie may share.

2. Reattempt to train Sophie to stop barking at everyone and everything.

3. Play more with my pets.

4. Learn from all of life's lessons

5. Enjoy the many changes that life brings

6. No longer dwelling on life's regrets

7. Blog more often!

I wish the very best for everyone's year.


  1. These are very good resolutions!! I agree about the dog food. I feed my Sheltie "Nutrish"...I know K9 Cuisine gives it a bad rating but I brought the package to my vet and he said it is fine and that is who I am choosing to listen to. It isn't terribly expensive. Not sure if you can get it in Canada or not.

    If you get Sophie to stop "barking at everyone and everything" let me know how you did it please!! My Sheltie does the same and it drives me insane!

    I also have to play more with my dog and cat.

    I wish YOU the best for your New Year!

    Cat Chat

  2. Pawesome resolutions!
    I am sure you will achieve them!
    I wish you the best!
    Kisses and hugs