Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I normally like to bring my dogs and cat with me when I travel someplace but it seems that this christmas we did alot of the travelling and to places that the dogs or cat couldn't go to. On christmas day we travelled to my aunt and uncle's house who have a dog who last year tried to eat Sophie. So this year a friend of mine took Sophie luckily, we left Jack the cat at home and brought Koda with us.

I am currently skiing with my Mom and Stepdad along with all my siblings and finding arrangements for the dogs and cat were hard. Koda is easier since he gets along with most dogs and he went to stay with my cousin who has a lab of her own. They were happily playing as I left.

Sophie stayed at at Grandma's with Blair which she loves to do. I think it is because she gets to raid Blair's toy box and snuggle lots with Grandma. Grandma will also be checking on Jack to make sure he is doing alright at home.

Our skiing trip is going well, I have been skiing tons of time so this year I have decided to snowboard. Boarding as I learned yesterday is NOT something you can wing or learn by seeing what other people are doing. I did learn how to do all kinds of flips, rolls, handstands, and I got really good at falling. So today I took a lesson and might be ready to move off the bunny hill tomorrow after a few practice runs. Let me be first to tell you that all those boys who do tricks on the hill have worked super super hard.


  1. OoH You looks very happy in dat picture! I hopes you get off da bunny hill soon. :) Of course I LUVS to chase bunnies so I would want to stay on it! ;)

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Hey! Thanks for visiting my bloggie! You look like you're having fun! Glad to see you're wearing your helmet -- someone here in Southern California just died last week because he wasn't wearing a helmet. Have a great time and be safe!!

  3. What a super terrific picture of you! My mom has never been skiing OR snowboarding (unless the Wii game counts) so we both VERY impressed with your talents and willingness to get out there and "just do it."

    I'm glad you were able to find places for all the furry family. I bet they're having almost as good a time as you are!

    Wiggles & Wags,