Thursday, January 20, 2011

Updates Around Here

Well it going to start being super busy around here. My classes online have started this week and I'm trying to figure out the sites along with my workload. I am very excited to start reading my textbooks as they seem very interesting, maybe I will turn my blog into a childhood education one rather than pet. But then again maybe not. I'm still supply teaching at a daycare and having lots of fun doing that.

But enough about me....Sophie goes in to get spayed next week and I have been using this as a learning time for my siblings since they are upset that Sophie will not have puppies. I explained that people should only breed dogs if they are really really good dogs and they get the checked out for any problems that they might pass onto their puppies. Since Sophie doesn't have a very good personality ok maybe too much personality especially some traits that you wouldn't want to pass down, as well as problems with both her back knees. They understand that you wouldn't want to pass these things down and that there are tons of puppies already in shelters and rescues. I hope that explaining these things to them will help them to continue these lessons on their own.

Koda is really in need of a B-A-T-H and I really do not want to do it at home. Hopefully I get some free time to take him back to the dog wash place soon. We have really been noticing more white popping up around his cheeks, a sign that he is getting older. He still acts like a puppy and regularily gets excited playing by himself. He throws his rope, ball and snow, while rolling around and running all over the place. His personality hasn't changed at all and he still gets happy when we come home or wake up or return from the bathroom. At 7 in May he still had lots of good years left but I do worry about what I will do when the time comes.

Jack is Jack I wonder sometimes what his IQ would be if we tested it. We ran out of cat food the other day and since he eats dog food we put it in his dish until we could drive to the pet store. He was not pleased with this and somehow knew that it wasn't cat food in his dish and kept meowing and taking us down to his dish. Maybe he checked all the dishes and realized they all tasted the same, but he baffles me.


  1. Enjoy school! Tanks fur da update on my furiends too. I will be sending some puppy prayers to Sophie next week to helps her wif her recovery. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Awww...I just luvs that first picture. You sure are a pretty human, Miss Erika. And secondly, I think you're very much wonderful for teaching your siblings abouts why it's not good for ALL doggies to have puppies. I will keep my paws crossed for Miss Sophie's operation. Oh, and Jack is like most kittehs - WAY too smart for their own good sometimes.

    Wiggles & Wags,