Monday, February 28, 2011

Dog Toys

I love shopping for dog toys in fact my bank account groans everytime I go into a petstore. I love looking to see which toys are new and which ones my dogs would love. Koda loves anything that is rope or ball like, while Sophie likes anything that squeaks and Indy is the pickiest of all only liking really weird shaped toys.

Of course after buying toys that they love to play with, the hard part is making them last. Koda is very gentle with stuffed stoys but he chews the ends of his ropes, and tears apart his tennis balls. Sophie's toys are destroyed in her attempts to get all the squeaks out of the squeaker. Indy's version of playing is either fetch or destroy.

I personally love the Kong toys and Koda enjoys using his Kong as a replacement for a tennis ball. he can play fetch and still enjoy it another time. He isn't into having me fill it with anything for him though. For Sophie I try to buy different ball shaped squishy soft toys because they are easier for her to carry around. Although she has a Kong that squeaks she actually can't make it squeak. Indy isn't as into the Kong toys as you would think, the shape of a regular Kong just doesn't do anything for him. On a recent trip to the petstore I found that they have come out with a bone shaped toys with all kinds of bumps on it. I realize that this does kind of sound like an advertisement for Kong, but really they have toys for all my dogs. It is one brand that I like to stick too while I'm out draining my bank account on toys.


  1. We don't have pet stores here. And that makes my mom very sad...
    But sometimes she thinks it is ok. She would be broken at this time!
    Happy Monday!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I agree that Kong makes some of the best toys out there but sometimes their cost prohibits me from buying them for Dakota.