Monday, October 17, 2011

A Bit of Education

I have always loved dogs and have been interested in history and genetics and how breed traits are passed down along lines. I find that many people who breed dogs or are interested in dogs are not keen on designer breeds. In theory it makes sense their are enough mixed breed dogs in the world why are you senselessly breeding more. One case in point is the recent popularity of the goldendoodle and the labradoodle yet both of these breeds have been bred for almost 20 plus years.

I have to say that I think only registered breeders should be allowed to breed since they are the ones taking the time to show, test and educate themselves and others. Many people tend to breed without ensuring they are adhereing to breed standards, health of their dogs and puppies. Let alone showing and taking time to truly learn about breeding healthy pets. That being said many of our well beloved breeds have evolved from breeding different breeds together to create a new or breeding size varients from an existing breed.

Recently I have fallen in love with the Australian Shepherd and decided that this was to be my lifelong breed amonst others of course but I have choosen to have Aussies as my showing breed. As I researched into the breed looking at how this breed would fit into my lifestyle that I hope to have, I discovered that some breeders have begun size varients. To be honest I was a little taken aback but then interested since a 60 plus pound dog is alot to handle. After owning Koda, I know that 80 pounds is alot to get in and out of the car, in and out of the bath tub, eats alot, and is fully able to pull me down the street if he felt like it. After looking into it more and realizing that these breeders are not breeding other breeds into the Australian Shepherd just breeding them smaller like they used to be bred. I quickly realized that this was something I wanted to be involved in.

To me having that Australian Shepherd in just a smaller package was perfect. I personally enjoy the mini size compared to the toy. I think that any size variants should look the same as the standard size just smaller or larger. I have done quite a bit of research into the breed and came across several different breeders. In fact these breeders are instrumental in creating the Canadian Mini Aussie Association. . Many standard breeders are very against breeding smaller aussies. As well neither AKC or CKC has approved the breedings either however they have begun accepting those breeders who wish to change their dogs names to the North American Shepherd. I think that this is wrong because no other brreds have been used to create a new breed. These are australian shepherds whose parentage can be traced back to AKC and CKC registered dogs, they are simply bred from small dog to small dog.

In my own research I emailed several breeders and all of them were very helpful however I did choose one. I have visited the breeder and met several aussies. I have also attended a herding clinic with many other different breeders also attending. I have flip flopped over colour choices but am currently stuck on red merles. I have actually now choosen the mother of my eventual puppy but she herself is only 1 year. This means that I will have plenty of time to continue my research and keep learning!


  1. OMG I can't believe you featured an Australian Shepherd! My husband and I were going to the football game yesterday and while waiting for our shuttle we saw a woman and man walking two dogs down the street.

    I yelled across the street to ask them what kind of dogs they were because they were so beautiful! Guess what? They were Australian Shepherds!!

  2. If both parents are registered Australian Shepherd's, what else could they be? They likely would have trouble showing, since they likely don't match the standard very well. But that doesn't make them any less Australian Shepherds.