Friday, October 28, 2011

Full Post Friday

Wow it has been an amazing last two weeks, I couldn't believe how fast they have gone. I started my placement within a daycare located in a high school. I am in a junior preschool classroom so the children are about 2-3 years old and boy are they cute. I am loving the emergent curriculum yet still miss theme. It is very neat to see it put into practice compared to just reading the theories. Of course all the children are excited for Halloween and the costume ideas are too funny. They range from witch ballerinas to super-bunnies and pirate spider man. I have also been laughing lots as these guys have the funniest things to say like;

"I'm not cross no more"
(upon being asked why he was sad)

"What can I do for you"
(after hearing name called)

My favorite being "dip" after the child
reached his fork and meatball into the
sauce on my plate instead of their own!

The work load is a lot but I am handling it so far, I will be happy to be completed placement in a few weeks just for that. Otherwise I am perfectly content doing my placement.

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