Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hug Your Pets A Little Tighter

This week the most horrifying thing occured while I was driving home late one night from a friends house. I have not really hit anything in my life while driving aside from the occasional frog, snake or chipmunk. Even while hitting those I felt a little sick to my stomach. But this, this was way worse.

I was driving over the speed limit yes but I did have my high beams on. A little orange kitty darted in front of my car and even though I swerved and slammmed on the brakes, I did hit the cat. To be honest, I feel anything right then. I did quickly turn the car around and go back to see if the cat had died or not. I walked over to the cat and called kitty kitty but no movement came.

Since it was right near a house I got in my car and drove to the driveway. It was then that I started to shake. I knocked on the door several times before someone came out, I politely apologized for the late hour and asked if they had an orange cat. They said no but they had seen one living in the fields next to their house. They did ask if the cat was dead and I told them that yes I had checked and that it didn't appear to be alive. They then told me that it was a good thing that the cat didn't suffer. They also nicely told me that they would remove it from the road. I thanked them and went to drive home.

The way home I cried, couldn't control my breathing and couldn't believe that it had happened. When I got home I hugged my pets really tighter because I learned that our pets really can disapear in an instant. I was glad to know that I didn't kill anyone's beloved pet but I am saddened to know that I'm really the only one who cares about the cat.


  1. OHH! That is so sad!! :( I will hug my pups tonight and remember that sometimes life just sucks!!

    Hang in there, there was nothing you could do, so don't beat yourself up!

    Jen and the Black Dog Crew

  2. A sad moment, but at least you stopped and tried to help the poor kittie. Way too many beans would have just drove on. (we won't even mention the ones who swerve to HIT something)


  3. Erica, I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hit a squirrel once and cried also. It happens so fast and there's nothing you can do. I'll give all my guys an extra hug tonight.