Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some excitment around here

I feel like it was just yesterday that I posted by turns out a whole week has gone by already. It must be because I`m so busy that I don`t even notice. I was recently hired on at Petsmart, yay! I am always in there plus Indy is my only dog not on their brand of dog food, we do training, and salon visits there too. I am very excited to really get to know all the different aspects of working in such a big company an added plus is that I was hired on to eventually be a dog trainer! During my hiring I was told that potentially I would go for my dog traing training after christmas, super exciting. This means that I no longer have weekends to myself but I think I will enjoy the job and get lots of pet experience. Hopefully my organization skills will come in handy here as I try to juggle supply teaching at my daycare, school and working for my Mom in the mornings getting my siblings off to school and the house clean.

School is doing pretty good, I have my A average back which I am very greatful to have. I also start my very first placement on Monday. I am very excited to be in a different daycare which is in a bigger city so hopefully more exposure to have to plan inclusive activities. It should be a little weird transitioning from being a teacher to a student but hey no more changing diapers or cleaning up!

While I am doing my placement I will be living with my Dad and will therefore get to see more of Indy. Hopefully this will also mean more walks and photo shoots with him! Koda and Sophie are doing good, we battled fleas again after our visit to the cottage although thanks to finally putting them on advantage it was an easy battle with just one flea bath.

I hope to be doing some weekend pre-posts so that I can have time to post on my own blog and not just for Blair!

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  1. Congrats on the job!!!

    Swing on by for a visit some time!