Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I am very excited to write this years resolutions and look back on last year's resolutions which included:

1. Find a healthy inexpensive dog food that Koda and Sophie may share.
*We use Petsmart's Authority Brand, Koda is on weight maintenance, while Sophie gets mini chunks and occasionally wet food. I found it easier to feed them on schedules rather then allowing them to free-feed. This also means that I know exactly how much everyone is eating and what. Although they still steal out out the cat food dish!

2. Re-attempt to train Sophie to stop barking at everyone and everything.
* Sophie entered Petsmart's training class for beginners and did awesome while at Petsmart. We are still having issues at home although we meaning I am more strict with what I allow her to do. She lost many privileges when I was away for placement due to her behaviour. She sleeps in her cage now at night and is caged during the day. She is also tied up while outside to play or go potty. Santa even brought her a Bark Off machine however we have not noticed a difference in the barking at the door.

3. Play more with my pets.
* I certainly enjoyed this one! Koda and I spent many days at the lake playing all kinds of water games. Sophie did enjoy learning tricks and hav
ing one on one time at Petsmart's training classes. Jack really didn't appreciate my affection which included giving more hugs and snuggles.

4. Learn from all of life's lessons
* I learned a lot this past year; that one can truly love their job and the staff they work with, that I am not fond of working with school age children but I love working with infants, that if I put my mind to it I can get all A's in school, that I can go to school and work all at once, and I can achieve as long as I am willing to put in the hard work needed.

5. Enjoy the many changes that life brings
* This year I went back to school full-time online while working and as it turn out I love my courses. I also continued working as a supply for a local daycare and in October joined Petsmart where I now work as well. I really enjoy the differences in my two jobs as well as working with both children and pets.

6. No longer dwelling on life's regrets
* I have to say that this year I moved more fully away from university and my experiences there. I found a program that I truly like at college and I am continuing to keep in touch with friends. I am happy to say that Blair really does like her life at Grandma's house but I do miss having her around.

7. Blog more often
* I think I did my best to blog more often, I go through periods where I blog lots and time where I don't blog as much. I try my best to share the blogging world with everyone but sadly so far no one has really approached it with the same enthusiasm. I am happy to say I have met new friends and really enjoy the time I spend "wasted" on the computer here in blogville.

I think that I have done my best to accomplish last years resolutions and so now here is the resolutions for 2012:

1. Finish school
2. Take a sign language class
3. Enjoy time spent with my pets playing and relaxing
4. Decide where I will work/ live after I graduate
5. Continue to move forward with my blog
6. Blog lots!

I hope you all had a great last year, I know that I went through lots and I am so thrilled to say that this year will be great! I look forward to continuing to meet new friends and enjoy blogging with old ones.

Happy 2012


  1. it just me but I can't read the verbage you have in blue at all! It could be just me!

  2. Those are really good things to try and accomplish in 2012.

    I leaarned sign language a thousand years ago and was surprised at all the ways it came to be needed.

    Most recently Bert and I were at the hospital when a deaf woman came in on an emergency. We were able to talk to her and help translate for the ER so they could understand what was happening to her.

    That is a good thing to learn.

    Bert's My Vickie

  3. Congratulations! Most people just let their resolutions fade away......

    Here's to another productive year!

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  4. I am a huge fan of Fromm. We feed that to both of our dogs as well as our fosters. It's about $20 for a smaller bag and for our two, it lasts almost a month. We've had great results with it when it comes to clearing up eye goopies, dry skin, and bad coats.

    Most stores that sell it offer a free bag after every 12 that you buy. It's a great deal for the money, as far as I'm concerned.

    Sure, there are less expensive foods out there but the majority of them are garbage. Personally this has been a lifesaver for me:

  5. I like that you went through last year's resolutions, and evaluated them. You did well! I hope that you do as well this year. Happy 2012!

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