Monday, January 23, 2012

Something to Share

I try not to be a radical opinionated blogger, because it isn't really who I am. I wanted to share a blog post written by Glennon at Momastary. A cousin of mine shared a post off her blog and I was amazed at what I found. Recently one of her posts really moved me and me the follower who doesn't comment very often found myself with lots to say.

Please go read it and as Glennon says disagree with love. I hope that you would do so here as well.

My comment was:

Glennon, I found your blog earlier this week when a friend shared a post of yours. I’m not a Mom yet, but I am a big sister, a daycare teacher, and I believe in God. I believe in what you wrote, your letter to Chase was wonderful and every child deserves to receive such a letter. I too am a picker and a chooser of the bible. I interpret what I read. I do not attend church and I do not pray everyday. I believe that God is there and I believe he chooses to love everyone. I question a lot.

I question the bible as well as other religious texts from all religions. They were written by many different men and in a culture very different from the one we live in today.

Your letter to Chase was written with your religious viewpoint in mind. Many people have decided to comment only on your viewpoint and with their own. Many people have chosen to comment on sin and sexuality instead of why the letter was written. Your post was about bullying which involves all people of the world. As Dr. Seuss said “a person’s a person no matter how small”. Bullying ends with acceptance, acceptance that we may not understand why people feel a certain way, do certain things or believe in certain beliefs however we can accept that we may never understand and that doesn’t make them any less than us. Going back to religion, we are not ones to judge, if and when God calls you to the pearly gates it is his responsibility. If you are not a believe of God it is still not our position to judge others by the way we live our lives. We may not agree but we may not judge.

My beliefs are similar to yours God gave us 10 commandments he handed those down to us. They apply to every person in every culture whether you believe in God or not they are social references that people believe. I do not believe that God spoke to many disciples and told them that women were less than men, that women needed to follow different rules than men. I think that men choose to record the cultural norm of the time just as we now tell others and choose what we accept as the cultural norm. We choose to believe that people of all races and women are equal. We choose to believe that we should love others and act with kindness. We choose to believe that being gay is a cultural norm and is to be accepted. Gay rights is not something that will go away, it will move forward and it will become a cultural norm.

Glennon I am so happy that you choose to confront this issue on bullying and sad that many have taken it to be a discussion of gay rights. Bullying begins at such a young age, many young children will exclude one another to feel powerful. Many young children will say hurtful things to one another because they do not yet have that social filter that adults are so proud of having. Those children have learned to be unaccepting of others because no one has taught them to be accepting. I hope that many of the Mom’s and adults in the world ensure that they show and teach children how to be accepting of others.

I hope that this post moves you the same way it did me. I will now be setting up a weekly shared post from blogs, newspapers etc, that move me. Please look for these on pending...suggestions welcome. I will continue to mostly blog about pets but I will be sharing more about my love of children too.

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