Thursday, January 26, 2012

Adoptable Thursdays

This week will feature a wonderful dog from Bullies in Need. It was so difficult to just pick one dog, so Bullies in Need with definitely be featured again!

Bullies in Need can be found at

Introducing Mayer, whose picture was seen on the post For the Love of ALL Dogs

Mayer is one of our “long term” foster dogs. He’s living the good life with his foster momma and canine brother but we know, even though he would never complain, that deep down he dreams of running along side his forever family one day. Mayor is one of those dogs who is very active outside but who will snuggle up right next to you when indoors. He loves being with his people – so much so that he struggles when they have to go to out to work. Mayor’s foster momma has been working very hard to make sure Mayor learns that when people leave, they will come home. He needs a mature family that will work with his current routine to continue reinforcing this. Not to worry though, Mayor comes with his own special instruction manual. Mayor manual outlines his daily walking, jogging and fetching activities. Mayor loves to be active with you and if you’re having one of those lazy days he’s learned how to keep himself busy on an indoor treadmill. After all, that stunningly handsome body doesn’t just take care of itself. After his exercise routine Mayor loves to snuggle up with the latest issue of Doggie Health magazine and relax the afternoon away while sipping on hot chamomile tea. That’s right, this muscular man had a soft side to him too, he knows how to wine and dine the lady dogs just as well as he plays football with the boy dogs. Mayor and his foster brother often head out on the town to make new doggie friends. Mayor’s manual clearly explains that there are not to be any of those little cat critters in the home please. They look way too much like his squeaky toys for him to comfortably live with one. Other chapters in the manual include “How to properly wash out stinky stuff that Mayor insisted in rolling in”; “How to keep up with all the great house training and obedience training that Mayor has learned so far”; “How to disperse millions of kisses and snuggles all over Mayor’s totally irresistible face” and “How to run the city when you live with the Mayor”

AND introducing Margeurita, whose picture was also found on the above post

"Margo" for short, is about 3.5 months old and already a whopping 21 lbs! She's solid and strong! Margo is up to date on shots (one more round due end of month) and is spayed. Marguerita is full of spunk and determination. She would benefit being in home with structure and someone who would be willing to take her to puppy classes.Margeurita is still working on her house training abilities, but is a very smart pup and catching on very quickly! Crate training is also a work in progress, she so desperately just wants to be with people and have fun fun fun! She is catching on quickly and learning that her crate is a happy place. Margo shares the house with 4 cats and is doing very well. She will sometimes chase depending on her mood but once she corners them, she just sits and barks at them. It's priceless to watch. Little does she know, no friendships come about from yelling :) We absolutely love this sassy little chica! Margo loves to snuggle and has the best gentle puppy kisses ever! She can't wait to kiss kiss kiss her forever family.


  1. Aw I love BIN!

    Mayor is on Twitter (heehee) and I follow Margeurita's stories on her foster mom's blog (!

  2. Awwe look at the Senorita, what a mug. This blog is great!! I am now an official member.

  3. We hope they find their forever families soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy