Saturday, February 4, 2012

Journey Tales Saturday Shares

I finally managed to come up with a name for my saturday blog posts. Posting on saturdays is actually one of the new changes that you see in my blog. I will get around to organizing the changes for you all eventually. The last shares were about dogs and about kids, mostly saturday shares will revolve around things I have been moved by and hope to share that feeling with you all.

This week I would like to share this: BARBIE GOING BALD

I discovered this through Emma at Embrace the Chaos, a Canadian MSN lifestyle blog.

Two Moms are campaigning Mattel to create a bald barbie. They are doing this through Facebook and it is located here:

I think that creating a bald barbie is a wonderful idea. All children play with toys and usually play out what they are going through or experiencing in their lives. Bald barbie also helps to teach children by prompting questions about why she has no hair. This is a great conversation starter!

Please like the campaign on Facebook and show your support! Hope you feel as moved by this campaign as me.

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