Sunday, February 19, 2012


I bought the new Hedley cd and found a song that I think really stands out to me as part of the the rallies and support to change BSL. The song is called A Bullet for your Dreams, listen to it here:

" I thought that I was free, they took that all away from me, they told me I should back down, on the ground not a sounds, dirty little freak, but this is how we bleed, and we ain't gonna stop now, a penny for your thoughts now, a bullet for your dreams, a bullet for your dreams, we've got the noise no way to silence it, don't let them block out your voice we're sick and tired of it, it's not ok we've had enough of it, playing dead for so long don't make you innocent, I won't walk away, I gotta lot to say"

If Dalton McGuinty thinks this fight will ever be over while our bullies are still discriminated against, he thinks wrong. Our bullies are not bully's and we will stand up for what we believe in!

Please show your support by going to Randy Hillier's website and sign the petition to help rid Ontario of BSL.

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  1. We don't think signatures from Oz will be counted, but we hope you get lots and lots of responses.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy