Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adoptable Thursdays

This week features another bullies in need pup!

I am really keen on supporting Bullies In Need especially as the countdown for Bill 16 continues. Please remember to support Randy Hillier in repealing BSL in Ontario.

Without further ado, introducing Dobby!

Here is what his foster Mom had to say about him;

Dobby is fantastic with children, small and big. Great with cats and just wants to wrestle and play with EVERY dog he meets. He's fully house-trained and clean in his crate. He loves his chew toys, long walks and bones in his crate while his humans are away. Dobby is great on walks but loves to smell and check out everything this new big world has to offer. The highlight of his walks seem to be when he gets a stick to carry proudly in his mouth lol. He sits and waits for his meals and to come out of his crate. He is learning down, leave-it, and off. Dobby is extremely food-motivated making training that much easier :) Dobby loves to be the centre of attention, and with his adorable poutty underbite, it is so easy for him to steal the show each and every time. Oh, and he roo roo's!!! He adores Ellie and Venus. At the end of a long day, he has to be curled up between the two of them and has come to expect his nightly grooming licks from Ellie. She plays momma :) It is absolutely priceless to watch them together :) What else can I say about my Dobby-Doo, other than he truly is a great pooch and deserves his forever home for the new year!


  1. Hope he finds one soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  2. AHHH! What a beautiful face! I am watching with great interest all this Bill-16 business, from Saskatchewan. I so hope they get rid of breed bans!!!

    Jen and the mostly black dog crew